You’ve got a big mission that demands serious (but not stuffy!) strategy.



    I capture the soul of a company, carving out the best attributes to resound with ideal audiences.

  • Creative Concepts

    I cook up the ideas that make messages memorable, giving creative something to swing on.


    I organize messaging so it respects, guides, and enhances the journey of the reader.


    I write in a range of voices (warm, witty, wise) that ring true with intended readers.

(You don’t have to choose them all. This is freelance, people, not a senior singles cruise package.)

“Kira is a rock. She’s solid, dependable, and knows what you need, before you need to ask for it. Kira is the person I turn to when I have an open-ended project; with some ideas of what success will look like. She needs little else to get going and is reliable to a tee. Her broad experience in UX, branding, advertising, journalism and marketing all come together to create grounded, strategic content.”


– Joe Bergantine, Experience Design Consultant, Owner, Kinsa (and former Interactive Producer at MercuryCSC)

A few projects that didn’t require blood-oath secrecy

  • Montana Office of Tourism

    Helping sell Montana’s majesty without getting salesy—boosting hotel bookings, visitor spending and more.

  • Oboz Footwear

    Building a relatable brand, a compelling website, and a slew of collateral for a rebel shoe company.

  • West Paw

    Crafting a solid brand and lending an energetic voice to a sustainable, un-stuffy pet toy manufacturer.

(Do you sign a lot of NDA’s, too? My hair is pretty much full of secrets.)

Let’s have chats.

If you’re a non-profit ED trying to wrangle her team under a unified brand strategy, or a marketing manager at a B-Corp who needs brand standards like, yesterday—you’re probably my dream client.


I also work well with agencies and rogue marketing professionals to serve mission-driven clients (my roster of solo and agency-partnered work includes Oboz, West Paw, The Eating Disorder Center of Montana, Zephyr Cycling, BridgerCare, Warriors and Quiet Waters, Montana CASA, Montana Mountain Mamas, and Backcountry Squatters—that’s my “type”.)


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Seth Nielson

“Kira asks the hard questions, the right questions, and the questions you didn’t know needed asking. Relying on her for turns of phrases, synonyms, headlines, subtitles, captions, and in-depth content strategy has made my job easier (and my hair shinier). Her unique ability to combine logic and creativity has helped make good work better, and great work amazing—I wish she stopped by more often.”


– Seth Neilson, Creative Director, MercuryCSC