About This Project


The State of Montana had sold the mystique of Montana so well, travelers were a little mystified as to the particulars—where was that huckleberry pie? Couldn’t you knock off Yellowstone and Glacier in one day?



I kept it realistic, bringing a fellow traveler’s voice to the guidebooks, wracking up miles finding podcast-worthy true stories, wrangling locals’ suggestions into off-the-beaten path trip ideas on GetLostMt.com, and crafting monthly eNewsletters to point readers towards seasonally-appropriate long weekends away.



With useful trip suggestions that fit the target’s exploratory, immersive travel style, out-of-state visitor spending grew 18%, and Montana’s eNewsletters enjoyed open and share rates far above industry standard.


Elbow Grease

My State of Montana work was just a part of the entire account retained by MercuryCSC. Over several campaigns, I wrote print ads, web copy, non-traditional ad pieces and copy banks in addition to the work above. My work often meant interviewing travelers, chatting with local restaurants and shops, and putting many a mile on my trusty Nissan Altima just to be damn sure I knew where I was sending folks.


Jen Cox Aldea“Working with Kira felt seamless from project kick-off to final delivery. She is 100% accountable; agreed upon deliverables are always met and, they are delivered on or before the established timelines.”


—Jen Cox, Former Account Manager, MercuryCSC

Brand Development, Branded Copywriting