About This Project


West Paw had nailed the look for their catalogs and packaging, but their brand voice lagged behind. Meanwhile, the staff longed for a violent yet satisfying way to burn their old website to the ground.



I jumped into product descriptions, catalog headlines, trade show graphics and packaging to write in a voice that stayed lively without getting too cute. Then, I pored over a massive Excel doc alongside UX designer Joe Bergantine to build a content strategy that categorized West Paw’s offering intuitively.



An engaging voice sold readers on products and lured them into the West Paw story, raising sales as well as awareness for the company’s admirable ethics. I stocked the initial site with copy, but portions of the site were designed to be updated in-house, giving staffers a healthier way to excise those old-site demons.


Elbow Grease

I worked directly with West Paw and their design partner Massive Studios to write copy for all printable products, and worked under MercuryCSC to create and fulfill a fresh content strategy for West Paw’s brand new web presence. Some of the current copy on the site has been written by West Paw staffers.


Cary Duggan“Kira helped us define our brand voice and knocked it out of the park. Her stellar copywriting skills matched with her strong sense of brand strategy made her a great fit for our needs. She has great insight and wasn’t afraid to challenge our perspectives when it comes to strategy and messaging, which every brand needs as they grow.”


—Cary Duggan, Director of Marketing, West Paw Design

Brand, Branded Copywriting, Content Strategy