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I help ad agencies and fellow freelancers bring better brand strategy (and more!) to their clients. I also can jive with your in-house marketing team to hone in your brand, brush up your website’s content strategy, and cook up killer copy for your evergreen materials.


Generally, my skillsets work best in tandem with those of graphic designers, web designers and developers, client liaisons, and other specialists. Occasionally, a company or non-profit truly only needs a brand strategy for the time being, in which case, it can make sense for me to work with you directly.


If you like what you see here, but also need help finding the rest of your team, please reach out. I’ll help us figure out which of my favorite partner agencies and independent freelancers would be perfect for your needs.


And if now you’re all,


“DAMMIT, I liked you, but I don’t need a full-on marketing team; I just need—”


Never fear! I have friends in high places. I am happy to recommend web developers, content creators, calligraphers, event designers, graphic designers, illustrators, videographers, or any other mildly marketing-related role.


Can’t wait to hear from you!

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