I’m Kira Stoops:

Dictator-for-Life of Flying Bicycle

and Creative Strategist for hire.


I work independently, but I don’t work alone. I spark off agencies and independents who need a wordsmith on their side. You guys bring the faint-worthy design, the coding jokes I pretend to get, the dazzling client experience. I bring the solid branding, the killer strategy and the right words. Between us, we bring clients everything they need.



I’ve spent the last decade+ as an independent consultant, defining brands, outlining content strategy, crafting copy and eating way too many fruit snacks from a creative lair in downtown Bozeman, Montana.


Before the bike took flight in 2008, I turned phrases as a copywriter at a leading ad agency, served every role (except delivery) for four or five different newspapers, ran a publicity office, wrote for magazines, and triaged emergencies as a senior ski patroller.


I’m serious about deadlines, honest to a fault, speak fluent art director, and dead-set against bullshit.


Flying this bike is my favorite thing, ever.

warren vaughn

“Kira has a wonderful ability for helping businesses and nonprofits understand the story they’ve got to tell, how to tell it, and how to leverage those stories into results that have helped them grow.  She’s crazy talented and I’d send everyone her way if I could.”


—Warren Vaughan, Director, Bozeman Business Expansion and Retention Program