The Forest Group
Developing a brand strategy, then spinning it into a welcoming website for a specialty executive search firm.
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About This Project

Plagued by a website from the Backstreet Boys era, and worried their work sounded “too touchy feely,” the Forest Group was hurting for a fresh brand strategy and a grown-up website.


I spun their brand and their website towards the impressive benefits they consistently delivered, breaking their process into digestible steps and rightfully restoring their intuitive methodology as a crucial asset.


Impeccably organized and now speaking with a grounded, professional voice, the Forest Group’s new website exuded the warmth, expertise, and honesty their clients received in real-life interactions. The team raved that it captured them both simply and perfectly.


Elbow Grease
I exhaustively interviewed the Forest Group (and several of their clients), defined and wrote their brand strategy, outlined their content strategy, and crafted all the copy on their site. MercuryCSC translated my brand document into a beautifully designed presentation, as well as designed and programmed the website.

Brand Development, Branded Copywriting, Content Strategy