Ready to fly?

I work directly with a limited number of agencies, web design companies, independent marketing professionals and in-house marketing departments. If you and/or your clients are craving solid creative strategy, let’s talk shop.


Feel free to call 406.600.4117, fill out the form at right, or address snail-mail to 217 West Koch St., #304, Bozeman, MT, 59715.


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A note for small businesses: I’m primarily a specialized resource for marketing outfits—most small businesses need broader marketing help than I can provide alone. Some good starting places:


• Bootstrapping? Hie thyself to the totally, completely, no-strings-attached free BEAR program. (Most cities have a version.) Sooo many good, free resources, well beyond marketing.


• If you’re a small business who’s growing out of the bootstrap phase and ready to collaborate with an experienced marketing professional, check out Aldea.


• Ready to hand over the reigns on marketing? Reach out to me—one of my agency partners or indy collaborators may be just the ticket, and if it fits, I could be on the team.

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