About This Project


United by a visionary, but siloed into disparate research projects, the colleagues at the Center for Large Landscape Conservation struggled to neatly summarize their advanced, complex work and explain their expansive vision.



To define their brand and organize their new website, I created a one-line anthem that epitomized the Center’s higher purpose, supported by three directives that encapsulated the nature of their diverse projects.



With the Center’s work cleanly categorized, the new site educated potential funders on the Center’s unique mission, welcoming them to the revolution (instead of alienating them with information overload.)


Elbow Grease

I interviewed most of the team several times, defined and wrote their brand strategy, outlined their content strategy, and crafted all the copy on their site. Robyn Egloff Design managed the project, translated the brand document into a cleanly designed presentation, and designed the new logo and fresh web look. Joe Bergantine at Kinsa programmed and coded the site, as well as helped me finesse content strategy.


GaryTaborHeadshot“We loved working with Kira and Flying Bicycle Creative. Kira has a true gift in her ability to translate complex organizational and scientific concepts into a clear, crisp narrative. Before Kira, we had trouble in telling folks our unique company story and getting them to invest in our mission. Kira understood the heart of what we do and in turn, she was able to share our heart with others.

—Gary Tabor, Director, Center for Large Landscape Conservation


Brand Development, Branded Copywriting, Content Strategy